5 Ways Dishonest Roofers Cut Corners

If you’ve ever gotten a roofing estimate that seems impossibly low then you are probably dealing with an unscrupulous company. There are many ways a roofer can cut corners to lower the costs on roofing jobs. What you should keep in mind though is that a lower cost upfront can mean a leaky roof later on. Pro roofing contractor 9hammers shares the four most common ways a crooked contractor can skimp on costs at the expense of the homeowner.

1. Not Using Enough Nails

This may seem like a minor thing but most manufacturers recommend a certain number of nails for each shingle and skimping on this can allow wind and water to get under your shingles.

2. Using Second Grade Shingles

Another common way to cut costs is to use second-grade shingles. They are cheaper because they did not pass the quality standards of the manufacturer.

3. Not Installing Drip Edges

While it is not a requirement, a good roofing contractor will install drip edges to add extra protection to your roof from rainwater. 

4. Covering Old Shingles

While this may seem like a good idea, covering damaged shingles with new ones can allow moisture to be trapped in between the two shingles weakening your roof’s integrity.

5. Reusing Old Flashing

Flashing helps prevent moisture from entering your home through weak spots in your roof such as skylights and chimneys. When you are having your roof replaced it is better to install new flashing as well even if they don’t appear to be damaged.

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