Fiberglass Pools

9Hammers offers a variety of pool designs and features to enhance your summer fun. Our team of experts makes 9Hammers your one-stop-shop when looking for fiberglass pool companies in Virginia. We will walk you though the process of design, discuss timelines and overview of the installation process.

Whats included in our price:

  • Building Permit & Fees
  • Layout and Excavation
  • Shell Installation
  • 10” Well Point
  • Aggregate Backfill
  • Water to Fill Pool
  • Precast White Coping
  • 5’ Wide Brushed Concrete Deck
  • Concrete Equipment Pad
  • Variable Speed Pump
  • Cartridge Filter
  • Salt System
  • Commercial Grade Pipe & Fittings
  • Closed Bond Beam
  • Lifetime Structural Shell Warranty
  • Pool to System Plumbing
  • and more!!!!

Whats is NOT included above but may be a desired or necessary expense.

  • Fencing/Gate
  • Coping Upgrade
  • Stamped Concrete Upgrade or Alternative Stone Patio
  • Retaining Walls or Block Wall with Water Drainage
  • Crane or Upgraded Excavator for Pool Shell Install
  • Automated System Control
  • Auto Fill Feature (system automatically fills pull to level using water supply from house.
  • Heater