How does roof replacement work with insurance?

How does roof replacement work with insurance?

If you’ve sustained any damage to your roof, you may be wondering how does roof replacement work with insurance?  Homeowners who have been through the nightmare of having to deal with the roof damage and trying to get their claim approved by the insurance companies feel that it can be very difficult to get a claim paid. That is why you should work with a roofing contractor who is certified and specializes in insurance claims.

What does my insurance cover when it comes to my roof?

This answer varies from policy to policy! Homeowners insurance usually doesn’t cover damage from lack of maintenance or wear and tear. Instead, it typically helps pay to repair sudden, accidental damage. So if its age or an unresolved maintenance issue is to blame for a leaking roof, your general homeowners’ insurance probably won’t cover repair or replacement costs. This is a great reason to schedule regular roof inspections!

Replacement policies are the most common,  and usually cover the cost of returning the roof to a brand new condition when an event that is covered by the insurance policy takes place.

Repair coverage takes into consideration the depreciation of the roof. This means you will get a percentage of the replacement cost based on the roof’s material and age.

What steps should I take to have my roof replaced or repaired through my insurance?

That is a great question! Our team at 9Hammers has years of experience and specializes in dealing with insurance companies to have our customers roof’s repaired or replaced. If you are in need of a roofing contractor who will work directly with you and your insurance company, contact our team!

You should also contact your insurance agent, and let them know you will be working with a roofing specialist through your claim process. This gives you and your insurance agent peace of mind that the initial damage inspection will be done thoroughly and professionally. 

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