How to Deal With Storm-Damaged Siding

If your area was hit by a storm, your home’s exterior has probably sustained some damage. While the roof bears the brunt of the storm damage, the siding would still likely be damaged. In today’s post, local siding contractor 9Hammers shares a quick guide on how to handle storm-damaged siding.


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Repair or Replace?


After making sure that your family is safe and has shelter, make an appointment with your insurance provider and your exterior contractor. They will, respectively, assist with filing your insurance claim and determine how much the repairs will cost. While waiting for their arrival, take a few minutes to inspect the condition of your siding. You’re not expected to move anything—in fact, you should keep everything as they are until your contractor and insurance representative arrive—but knowing the condition of your siding can help you manage your expectations on how much repair will be needed. 


Most types of siding can be repaired without tearing out the entire exterior, thanks to standard profiles with snap-on components. Older products may be difficult to obtain, especially if they’re discontinued. Badly-damaged siding will need to be replaced. Even an unnoticeable crack on a single plank can lead to leaks over time. If your siding is well past its expected service life, your siding and roofing contractor will recommend new siding for the entire house.


Filing Your Insurance Claims


Review your homeowners’ insurance policy. Pay attention to provisions that relate to replacing discontinued products, especially if your home is equipped with old siding. You don’t want mismatched replacement siding on your home if only part of the siding needs repairs. You will be presented with options, including exterior repainting as part of the repair costs to make the old and new siding match.


After a thorough inspection, your insurance adjuster will walk you through the process and collect all required documentation. This will include your contractor’s assessment of the damage and an estimate of the repair costs. The payout for approved claims typically comes in two checks: the first covers the down payment, while the second will cover the rest of the estimated cost, with deductibles applied.


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