How to Get the Right Siding and Trim Color

Home exterior remodeling can be tricky to plan on your own, especially when it comes to choosing the right siding and trim color. To make the most out of your budget, you’ll need to hire a trusted exterior Class A contractor such as 9Hammers as we can help you decide which type of color combination will best suit your home. And, to help you out, we’ve shared some tips to keep in mind:

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Choose Colors Based on Your Home’s Architecture


Whether your design calls for a traditional look with soft earth tones or a contemporary style with bright dramatic colors, engineered wood siding and trim can meet your design requirements and satisfy your preferences.

For a traditional type of home, go for colors that are comforting and classic such as:

  • Khaki/Almond/Granite Rustic

  • Sierra Rustic/Yellowstone/Almond 

  • Acadia Rustic/Yellowstone/Coffee

As for a modern/contemporary home, choose color combinations that lean towards simplicity and neutrality. Such examples include:

  • Granite Rustic/Almond/Khaki 

  • Commercial Brown/Yellowstone/Coffee 

  • Granite/Pearl Gray, White

Choose the Right Trim Colors for Your Siding

After selecting a suitable color for your siding, it’s time to choose a trim color that goes well with it. You can work with your hired general contractor and decide on which type of trim color goes best for your home. You can also do a bit of research and look online for homes that have similar color schemes to what you’re planning and take inspiration from there. Here are a few schemes to consider:

  • White Trim – This color goes well with any siding color, including white, blue, and green siding. 

  • Tan Trim – This color is made by mixing white into brown. This goes well with a tan or red siding and beige exterior trim, as it gives the home a nice and earthy appearance.

When it comes to excellent interior remodeling and window installation service, make sure to hire 9Hammers to get the job done! For more information, contact us now by calling (540) 308-8440 or filling out our convenient online contact form