Press Release for 9 Hammers

Press Release for 9 Hammers, Prepared 07/31/2009

Contact Information
Ray Milano, President and Founder, info@9hammers.com, 540-308-8440

How 9 Hammers Came To Be
Ray Milano’s been in the contracting and home improvement business for well over a decade now and has heard his share of horror stories. Contractors baling out before the job’s done. Contractors who aren’t licensed. Contractors who go broke and leave customers with half-done jobs and tens-of-thousands of dollars in legal bills. Understanding that half the battle is finding the right Contractor to invite into one’s home, Ray began circling the idea of bringing together a team of highly-experienced, similarly-minded Contractors, each qualified in unique services. Like the SuperHeroes of Home Improvement. But this business would have to be different from the national organizations offering a similar service.

Ray’s business plan was the following: First, In-Home Consultations had to be offered in order to assure the home improvement need could be adequately assessed and the right Contractor or Contractors suggested (a concept that would mean a lot of time on the road and using local talent only); second, only qualified and experienced Contractors willing to follow all Board of Contractor Rules and Regulations would be considered for membership; and third, Contractors working for 9 Hammers wouldn’t pay for leads they didn’t get. Almost exactly the opposite approach of the competition.

This business plan would be great for Homeowners and the Contractors who could make the cut, but would it fly? Would other home improvement professionals be like-minded and attach themselves to something so service-oriented and hands-on? And would the public be able to conceptualize this new service without a huge budget for marketing? A business plan so oriented to ‘what’s right’ versus ‘what’s profitable’, one that was so non-scalable and Customer-oriented was a gamble. But Ray Milano felt that, regardless, it was the right thing to do. So he built it anyway, and they came.

The original group of nine Consultants (for whom the name 9 Hammers was conceived) sport varied and comprehensive skills. They include a Mas-ter Plumber, Master Electrician, Master HVAC, as well as experts in carpentry, home building, assembly and installation, and roofing. In addition to being certified, licensed and overly qualified with a sum total of 191 years of experience between them, they have made a pact to be picky. That means the ever-growing network of Consultants available at 9 Hammers Home Improvement will continue to be exceptionally qualified and skilled.

Additional Information

9 Hammers works out of Fredericksburg, VA and provides service to the greater Fredericksburg area. It is Ray’s hope to, one day, have enough local experts in his crew to cover all of Virginia. Any Contractors interested in seeing if they qualify can apply on the website.

A Thanks for Your Time From Ray

We’re a small, but growing, business and we know it. It’s actually a part of what makes us the best. But it also means we’re all the more reliant on our local media. We’d appreciate any coverage opportunities or media partnering (such as giveaway campaigns, etc.) you think might be a good fit. We’re hoping to do something good for our community, and, considering the state of our economy, it’s never been a better time. Thank you, in advance, for whatever you can provide us. Every bit helps.

Ray Milano