The Benefits of Building a Deck in Winter

Resting on a newly-built deck just in time for spring sounds great, so you might be wondering when you should start on planning and building one for your home. If you’re considering early spring as the best time to build your deck, then we’re here to say that’s actually more beneficial to have it done while it’s still winter. As a locally trusted Class A Builder, 9Hammers shares why that is in today’s post.


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Why You Should Build in Winter


Before construction can even begin, the deck designer will need to map out a plan. Since winter tends to be one of the slowest seasons of the year, it’s the best time to reach out about your project. The demand for building decks will only grow as the weather warms up, but you won’t have to worry about that while it’s still the winter months since the majority of homeowners aren’t thinking about spring yet. This means there’s a good chance your project becomes one of the only jobs your deck builder is working on! 


When you hire a deck and roofing contractor for your job, you can be sure that you’ll have their full attention. And because it’s one of the slower seasons this year. Of course, you’ll still need to consider possible delays on your deck building due to severe winter weather. But for the most part, your project will be complete by the time you’re ready to sit out and enjoy the warmer spring weather.


Other Reasons Why You Should Build Your Deck in Winter


The winter months tend to be drier and less humid, so if you’re building a traditional deck, the wood’s natural moisture will dry more quickly and evenly while also avoiding the hot sunlight. While decks are built to withstand these elements, they’re better off with the natural “curing” that happens during winter. 


Another reason why you should have a deck built around this time is that you won’t have to compete with the spring rush. By the time April arrives, everyone else would be rushing to put up new decks or to have their current decks serviced and you’ll just be relaxing on yours.


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