The Importance of Roof Soffits and Fascia

Soffits and fascia are essential parts of every sloped roofing system. In today’s post, local general contractor 9Hammers shares a look at these two components, and how they help round up a complete roof installation.

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Soffits are the boards that cover the overhang between the rafter tails and the exterior walls. It protects the roof from damage caused by wind uplift and from getting accessed by insects and small animals. Soffits are also a key component of the roof ventilation system. It functions as the intake vent that pulls in cool and fresh air into the attic, which complements the exhaust vents located at the roof’s ridge. Properly-ventilated roofs are at less risk of damage from excessive heat and moisture.


Fascia is the vertical board that covers the edge of the roof, at the rafter fails. It provides more than just a finished look: it’s the part of the roof where gutter hangers are attached to. This is why your roofing and flooring contractor has to observe proper construction methods when building your roof. The fascia boards have to be made of properly treated wood to help minimize vulnerability to moisture damage. It also has to be strong enough to be able to carry the weight of your gutters at full capacity.


Soffits are typically made from wood, aluminum, or vinyl, with vinyl being the most popular choice because it does not require repainting, it requires minimal maintenance, and is made for easy installation. Fascia, on the other hand, is usually made from treated wood, though aluminum, composite, and fiber cement options are available. There are factors to consider when choosing materials for both soffits and fascia, including the local climate and your home’s architectural style. The material needs to be inherently moisture-resistant or treated for it, as these components are exposed to the same conditions as the roof is. 

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