Window Mulling Basics: Functions and Benefits

Your windows are a source of natural ventilation and lighting. They’re also one of your home’s components that help elevate your home’s curb appeal, and even its value. Another way to enhance your windows’ appeal is through modifying its mulling. In this post, the top window and deck contractor, 9Hammers, share the basics of window mulling, along with its functions and benefits.

window mulling

What Is Window Mulling?

The window mulling refers to the process of combining two windows together. This can be done by the manufacturer, or done on-site during the remodeling or replacement process. You can consider window mulling if you want to achieve a sleek, and clean look for your home’s façade. In fact, you can go for different window combinations to make the space truly speak out on your style.

Benefits of Window Mulling

Combining two windows together will allow more daylighting and ventilation into your living space. Other than that, you can utilize the larger window space to enjoy a better outdoor view for you and your loved ones. Here at 9Hammers, we can help you choose the best window combination for your home, coupled with impeccable window and siding installation service to get you the most out of your investment.

Additionally, window mulling helps you create a focal area in your home. However, you shouldn’t go overboard since there’s a limit to how big a glass unit can be, due to weight and manufacturing thresholds. This is why it’s important to hire a skilled contractor who can join windows without sacrificing their structural integrity and performance. Also, it’s worth noting to make sure your windows are compliant to local building codes.

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